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As if the superb location and the excellent standard of the units wasn’t enough, Capri Oasis is also packed full of fantastic features and amenities. The development provides you with everything you could ever need and creates a peaceful environment you can fully relax in. Far more than just a place to lay your head after a long day, Capri Oasis truly is a haven.

The sense of community at Capri Oasis is encouraged through the use of communal areas such as the Clubhouse or the courtyard. Such areas have been lovingly designed to transport you away from the daily grind, and allow you to chill out with friends, family or just a good book. The entire complex has been made with real Italian flair, which looks stunning and bubbles with tranquility.

The Clubhouse

To many this is the beating heart of the complex and is a place where friends, neighbours and family can meet up for drinks and entertainment. Indeed, there are a number of entertainment rooms included within the clubhouse, which can be hired out for private functions such as parties, poker nights or more formal occasions.

The Pool

Capri Oasis offers residents a real taste of Italy, and the resort style complex wouldn’t be complete without a great swimming pool. Relax under the warm sun, or swim a few lengths as exercise in the large pool located right in the middle of the complex. There’s also a smaller kid’s pool for the little ones, ensuring the whole family can have fun in the water.

When you’re not swimming, relax on the sun deck with a cold drink and enjoy the tranquility of life in Capri Oasis. As a final convenience, the swimming pool is serviced by the nearby bathhouse, so you can dry off without treading soggy footprints into your apartment.

Basketball Court

An excellent place for kids and adults alike to have a bit of fun and get some exercise. The full sized court is fully marked out and looks great at the front of the complex.

Wellness Hub

Looking after yourself is something we all strive for, though it can be difficult in the fast paced modern world. Fortunately at Capri Oasis, the gym is literally on your doorstep. Fully equipped for a range of exercises, from cardio to strength regimes, you’ll find everything you need to stay in top shape.

The Open Plaza

The outside areas of the complex are stylishly decorated with water features, landscaped gardens and various other elements that lend a taste of Italy. Let the mood take you away, relax under one of the several gazebos, or take a romantic stroll through the plaza in the evening. The lush greenery creates an idyllic atmosphere, making the buzz of the city feel a million miles away.

Estate Admin

Located within the center of the complex, the estate admin is the place to go if ever you have problems with your unit. Here you can also make official appointments for the entertainment rooms, wellness hub, basketball court and clubhouse.

  • Clubhouse
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Swimming pool 
  • Basketball court
  • Children's play areas
  • Wellness hub 
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